Lyman #457130

Lyman #457130<br>150 gr.
Lyman #457130
150 gr.
Item# B-LYM457130

Product Description

Lyman #457130<br>150 gr.
Lyman #457130, .458" diameter, 150 gr. Collarbutton, 100 bullets per box. Bullets are lubed and sized.

This is a lightweight bullet for the .45-70. It duplicates the weight of the round ball used in gallery loads, but provides better contact with the bore for improved accuracy. In addition to .45 rifles, some users also use them in Ruger Old Army revolvers and .45 caliber air rifles. These bullets can be had unlubed and unsized upon request. The loading data presented was provided by Lyman.

Rem 9 1/2Bullseye12.0 (Start.)1590
Rem 9 1/2Bullseye16.0 (Max.)1921
Rem 9 1/2Red Dot12.0 (Start.)1582
Rem 9 1/2Red Dot14.7 (Max.)1814
Rem 9 1/2700X12.0 (Start.)1627
Rem 9 1/2700X16.0 (Max.)1911
Rem 9 1/2Unique14.5 (Start.)1638
Rem 9 1/2Unique17.0 (Max.)1907
Rem 9 1/2SR 475930.0 (Start.)1541
Rem 9 1/2SR 475933.0 (Max.)2032
Rem 9 1/2XMP 574430.0 (Start.)1685
Rem 9 1/2XMP 574435.0 (Max.)2001
Rem 9 1/2IMR 422721.0 (Start.)1245
Rem 9 1/2IMR 422727.0 (Max.)1641
Rem 9 1/2IMR 419835.0 (Start.)1722
Rem 9 1/2IMR 419840.0 (Max.)2010